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Pension Reform & Payroll

payroll-pension At a ground-breaking roundtable sponsored by First Actuarial, Payroll World brought the payroll and pensions worlds together to discuss the future of pension reform – auto-enrolment. The first companies will begin mandatory auto-enrolment (AE) of eligible staff into a pension scheme from October 2012. Nevertheless, there is still disagreement over who is ultimately responsible for the reform in organisations....
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Payroll Providers Slow to Automate

Payroll automation speed Payroll providers slow to provide Auto-enrolment functionality Auto-enrolment promises a major change in the way the UK saves for retirement, with payroll managers taking the central role in implementation. But are the providers ready? Philip Whiteley has an overview. Payroll providers have been slow to develop tools to help employers with auto-enrolment, namely because they have been taken up...
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Are You Real-Time Ready?

Sarah MacKinlay takes stock of some of the question marks that persist over the government’s Real Time Information initiative Real Time Information (RTI) is one of the most hotly debated topics within the payroll industry, since it emerged following a controversial consultation process in 2010. This was highlighted by Payroll World conference delegates that year, who spoke at length...
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Charter House Rules

In March of 2011, Scott Beagrie looked at legislation relating to the security of sensitive information stored in the cloud. This month, he reports on BASDA’s Cloud Vendor Charter and the first cloud supplier to sign up to it You know something is a game-changer when codes of practice and charters start appearing around it. There is little doubt...
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